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Congratulations to Yili Group shares 2019 Spring Festival party

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The party begins

Group chairman Zhang Yanjun speech:

Distinguished guests, colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening everyone!

Time does not live, season such as flow;Another year, another 16 years。Guangzhou Yili Logistics Group Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 2003, with everyone's enthusiasm, love and cultivation, in a blink of an eye has gone through 16 years。On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new,On behalf of the Group Corporation, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the friends who have long cared for and supported us,New Year greetings from all guests;New Year's greetings to all my colleagues who dare to fight and forge ahead;I would like to express my high respect and heartfelt thanks to all the family members who have been silently contributing to the development of the company for a long time behind the scenes!
As a New Year begins, it's time to review the past and look to the future。Looking back on 2018, it is a year for all employees of Yili to meet the challenges, withstand the test, strive to overcome difficulties and successfully complete the annual task;In this year, we work together, forge ahead and work hard;With the joint efforts of all employees, the company has achieved satisfactory results in all aspects of work。展望2019,We do not forget our original intention,Forge ahead;Logistics shipping market oriented,With reasonable management as the link,Raise company awareness,Adhere to the "people-oriented,The principle of integrity management is based on the society;In the fierce market competition,We must seize the opportunity,Meet new challenges,Actively reduce logistics costs for our customers,Improve logistics efficiency,Improve service quality;Firmly establish a sense of service,Overall awareness,Sense of practical work,Make unremitting efforts to set corporate goals。

The New Year has opened a new journey, holding up new expectations and carrying new dreams。We are all dreamers, we are all running hard on the road of chasing dreams, crossing mountains and mountains, and flattening the rough road。It goes without saying that all achievements are hard-won and all efforts should be cherished.Let us all Yili colleagues, with a hundred times of passion, honest labor, work together to create success;Nothing can stop, nothing can shake, we are full of confidence, full power, towards a more brilliant New Year!

Finally, thank you again for coming, thank you again for the group company's efforts and efforts, I wish you a happy New Year, smooth work, good health, family happiness, all the best, to everyone bye an early years!Thank you!

Group Vice Chairman speech:

Hello, everyone!"Years do not live, but seasons flow。2018 has passed, 2019 has arrived, I would like to extend New Year's best wishes to you on behalf of Yi Li Company!I wish you all the best!

In 2018, we lived a full life and walked firmly。This year,We rose to the challenge,Forge ahead with determination,Combine the actual work and the market environment trend,Internal optimization of logistics links,Strengthen cost control,External actively promote the deep cooperation with the original customers,For example, Chi Mei Zhai,Red Bridge Wanli,Increase customer loyalty;At the same time, we have extensive exchanges with more and stronger brand customers,Increase trust,Expand the circle of friends。Perfect (China) Company, for example,Jianlibao,Blue ribbon beer,Sofia Furniture,These are the industry benchmarks,It not only increases the output value and profits of our company,It also enhances the visibility of our company in the logistics industry,With these artifacts and magic weapons,So that we can in the increasingly fierce market competition,We have overcome various risks and challenges,Make steady progressThese achievements are made by all of us here at Yi Li,And the family behind it,partners,Roll up your sleeves and do it,I put my sweat together。
Here, I would like to pay tribute to every Yili people, every driver team owner, every shipowner partner!Your power, Yi Li's power!Please rest assured, we will not forget the original heart, continue to pursue the dream!Round everyone's dream!
16 years together through thick and thin, the unity of the Yili people is the biggest confidence。In 2019, there will be opportunities and challenges, and we will work hard together。On the new journey, regardless of the chaos and turbulence, we must stick together, never forget our original intention, and continue to move forward step by step with rock-solid confidence, the strength to seize the day and the perseverance!
Finally, I wish you all a thriving and prosperous work and life in 2019.

Group holding.Zhao Shuizhou, General manager of Guangxi New Era Logistics Company, delivered a speech:

Dear Leaders, colleagues, Distinguished guests,Good evening, everyone!

At the beginning of the New Year, everything is renewed!Farewell 2018, welcome 2019!

It is my great pleasure to report to you the work of Yili Group Guangxi Branch in 2018!Our Guangxi branch was officially established in March 2017. In the case of imperfect operation and other personnel, we overcame various difficulties and made 15,000 TEU in the whole year。

In 2018, with the strong support and cooperation of the head office, business and operation, the annual container volume reached 20,000 TEU, an increase of 50% over last year!

In 2019, we are confident that under the correct leadership of the head office, we will work together through thick and thin to increase performance, control risks, and earn a new high on the basis of 2018!Next, I wish you all good health and good luck in 2019!Wish: Yili Group business contention on the day!Create another brilliant!Thank you all!!

Tian Xiaoli, representative of excellent staff, spoke:

Dear leaders and colleagues,

Hello everyone: How time flies,Time flies;I've been working since I came out,In the twinkling of an eye in the big family of Yili 12 years;today,Be able to speak on stage as an excellent employee,I feel honored and proud;Thank the company leaders and colleagues for the recognition of my work;My honor is inseparable from the care and support of company leaders and colleagues。Here, I am deeply grateful。In the past 12 years, I had the honor to grow up with Yili, and I personally felt the continuous improvement of the company's scale and continuous development;As a member of the company, I feel extremely proud and proud。Although I was rated as an excellent employee, but I know that I also have shortcomings, there are a lot of things I need to learn, I will in the future work, speed up the pace, follow the company's leadership ideas, dedication and hard work。I believe that with the concerted efforts of our leaders and all our colleagues, our company will be better tomorrow。Finally, I wish you all a happy family, good health and good luck in the New Year!Thank you all!

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